The cover photo is our plague of appreciation to all community organizers, religious and civic groups, parents, and children who put a lot of work and effort to make SANTACRUZAN 2017 the biggest ever event participation since 30 years. More photos

   Despite the enormous advanced technology, smart phones still have their Apps and Downs. Likewise,President Duterte’s populism is. It is not only the Philippine Community in Bayernallee that is divided on Dutertism but also Filipino communities worldwide. What Duterte has done is nationalized the Davao way of doing politics in a subtle and more personalized patronage system. Sociologist Nicole Curato of the University of Canberra argued that populist Duterte's dystopian narrative shifted the discussion during the campaign. It muted those of his opponents for personal dignity. For Curato, Duterte's political style makes use of a language of crisis drawn from the public's fear of the real and imagined OTHER in this case, drug users. read more

   Since February 2017, Irene Brady started her nursing care training at the Uniklinik Tübingen through the Triple-Win-Program. However, looking at the differences in culture, language, and social security system between Germany and the Philippines, will it function?

   GOD LOVES SEX! Confused? Don‘t be. The writer merely wants you to defuse your mindset after reading “The Word in other Words.“ be inspired

DUTERTE: Word in Other Words   Mga Mahal na KABABAYAN SOS: Germany needs nurses.
From demagogues to deplorables? Same sex and the same church   Updates: PH Embassy Berlin Irene Brady's dream job or
by: Nicole Curato by: Fr. Jun de Ocampo, SVD   Amb. Millie Sta. Maria-Thomeczek frustration?

PRESENTING: The elegant ladies personifying the different Marian titles and Biblical persons.

(Left photo) The Pinoy-Berliner carnival in Bayernallee has always been: “The same procedure as every year; ambient, colorful, and crazy.“ Since February 25, 2006, it was the first time that this event was prepared and enjoyed by two sister parishes when Germans and Filipinos sang, danced and ate together.

(Right photo) Perhaps, no other historical event in the Phillipines has piqued the interest and stirred a nation’s imagination more than the fabled Manila Carnivals. Held from 1908-1939, the 2-week fair was organized as a goodwill event to celebrate harmonious U.S.-Philippine relations and to showcase our commercial, industrial and agricultural progress. Spectacular parades, lavish shows, firework displays and the crowning of the Manila Carnival Queen highlighted the greatest annual event in the Orient.   Who is the fairest of them all?

SEMANA SANTA; with its powerful image of Jesus nailed to a cross because the religious and political leaders wanted him dead, the Filipino Holy Week tradition invites us Christians to give our lives for the sake of others.   be inspired


    First of its kind since the start of the Philippine-German diplomatic relations 60 years ago, Jingky Lozano-Kühne and Maria Renee Juan-Wolff, both Filipino scholars, have written a comprehensive 91-page orientation booklet to guide kababayans during their stay in Germany.
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