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The Philippine Studies Series Berlin would like to invite everyone to the talk "Understanding the Marawi Crisis and the Threat of Extremism in the Philippines" by Noroddin Maguindanao. Mr. Maguindanao, from Marawi City, is a Maranaw NGO leader and founder of the Ranaw Foundation for Research and Sustainable Development, Inc.

When: August 24, 2017
Time: 18-20 Uhr
Venue: Humboldt University of Berlin Institute of Asian and African Studies, Invalidenstrasse 118, Room 117, 10115 Berlin

On May 23, Philippine government forces and an armed group claiming allegiance to ISIS began to battle it out in the city of Marawi, the southern Philippines. Since then, ground combat and aerial bombardments have displaced over 500,000 people, killed hundreds, destroyed parts of Marawi City, led to the declaration of martial law in Mindanao, and increased concerns about ISIS presence in the region. Mr. Maguindanao's talk is a rare opportunity to hear from someone who has been in the war zone since day 1, providing relief assistance to victims as well as rescuing people in this ongoing war.

    If you would like to donate directly to Marawi, here is another organization asking for financial help to rebuild Marawi and transport 190,000 internally displaced persons back to their homes, rebuild homes, and provide financial assistance for livelihoods as soon as it is possible to do so. If you prefer to donate to this effort, please see the bank details listed in the poster. I hope you can forward this to your friends, family, and colleagues in Europe!

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