Online Newsletter Nr. 193
Philippine Community
"Inspite of the many hardships and difficulties that the Philippine Community has endured during the past years, it is still vibrant and active through the participation of its members with the local Church in the Archdiocese of Berlin."   "I can still vividly visualize when at that time the then Superior General of the SVD in Rome, Fr. Heinrich Heeken, presented the letter of Fr. Bernhard Lammerding, requesting for a Filipino priest to take care of the pastoral ministry to the Filipinos in Berlin. It did not take long. The general council appointed Fr. Bacareza. We can say that since a Filipino priest was assigned as chaplain, and that was way back in 1986, the Filipinos have been in good hands."

"Assigned as newly-ordained priest in this flourishing community, I am happy to observe and be part of this growing process. I recognize the seeds of faith planted by my predecessors, Fr. Bacareza and Fr. Flores. Without their missionary commitment together with the many Filipinos and Germans, this community would not have lasted 20 years! Looking back, we also thank Fr. Lammerding and the Society of Divine Word, especially the Divine Word Missionaries and the parish of the Holy Spirit at Bayernallee for supporting our visions. They have helped us build a home in our church and find a family in us."   "My being as a chaplain in a Filipino faith-community in Berlin is God‘s blessing in my momentary station in life. His message for me is like: grow in faith where you are NOW planted and where you WERE ONCE planted. This is an invitation to treasure one‘s roots which are often unseen but give daily life."