Online Newsletter Nr. 191
Philippine Community


Dear Readers of the Migrant,
In this special issue, the MIGRANT's feature articles
are not only about Bayernallee,
but also about the Fall of the Berlin Wall,
"die Wende" in 1989.
And this also represents this issue's main theme of
"breaking walls".
Our front cover includes talents
of the Filipiniana Dance Group,
(L) Jerah May Redado, 19, and (R) Eliza-Marina Hain, 21,
who performed during the cultural program of the Bol-anon e.V.
in October 2016.
The Migrant newsletter hopes to reach out to
Filipinos living in Berlin
through the inspiring photos and written stories, events and ideas in this publication that move and amaze our readers.
We find the right stories that make you feel proud to be
a Filipino.
Let the photos express the thousands
of words that make you think blessed to be a part of the
Philippine Community.

Alan Valdez
Project Director)

“Let there be peace on earth as we celebrate 30 years of Philippine Community service in Berlin while we turn the pages of the Migrant souvenir publication in search of critical events then, and now, in disillusion of a humanitarian global evolution.“ - From the Migrant Staff