Online Newsletter Nr. 156
Philippine Community

    From the Editor:


    Dear Readers and Sponsors,

       The younger Filipino-German generation has a challenging undertaking to carry on in cultivating furthermore the culture and at the same time preserving the unique identity of the Philippine community in Berlin in the coming years to come. How they will cope up with the changing times is more likely a matter of technology. Rest assured, the upcoming generation would surely be more adept to state-of-the-art digital gadgets that would enable them to join social media, access and share more information, make use of applications (or the so called “app”) to learn, play and to relax.

       There are a whole lot more we could bet on the future by looking at how technology is becoming more popular and inter-generational. And the future is now, or to say it more conservatively, at least it has already begun. Parents, thank your children for asking a smart phone or a tablet this Christmas from you. If used in an appropriate way, and of course with parental guidance, these surely are great gifts that would empower them to profit from the digital revolution and would prepare them for the next quantum leap. Through the social networks, these gadgets would allow them to stay in touch with Filipino friends and relatives back home. Through them, they will also be kept informed about the current events especially that in the Philippines and Germany.

       The recent typhoon that devastated Central Visayas has exemplified how digital connectivity would make it possible for the Filipino and international aid group to respond to the catastrophe in a short time. Here in Berlin, the community was able to call on an ad hoc meeting by way of SMS-messages and e-mails. Solidarity was at its strongest when hundreds of Filipinos and Germans trooped to Bayernallee to bring in used clothing and canned goods that were shipped to the calamity area through balikbayan boxes. Thanks to the multiplier effect of the social media, benefit concerts for fund raising purposes have been very successful as well.

       Let me mention in passing that Fr. Simon has been re-assigned in Hamburg. He is thanking the community for having learned a lot from our organizational skills. He urged the faithful to extend the same generous cooperation given to him to his successor, Fr. Jun de Ocampo.

       Last but not least, Pinoy or Gernoy children, in case you have been successful in convincing your parents to buy you a new smart phone this Christmas, try out the Pinoy Ako App. Its’s a phone based Tagalog-German dictionary and is gratis.

    Alan Valdez